About me, Giulia Chérie

Giulia Chérie

A trendy brand, synonymous with “Made in Italy” style and excellence, in which a refined design and the study of trends are combined with the use of high-quality materials and attention to details.

The GIULIA CHÉRIE brand was born in 2016 from the project and desire of the designer Giulia Maccianti to give life to her own aesthetic idea, making the art of fashion a combination of exclusivity and craftsmanship. Giulia Maccianti is the dynamic force behind the GIULIA CHÉRIE brand, with an understanding of fashion both as a lifestyle and as a business.

The brand aims to define a personal vision and interpretation of style and elegance and consolidates a strong and impactful image, in a global female vision, which reflects the characteristics of a strong-willed and determined woman but at the same time sophisticated in her being.

Craftsmanship and tradition are the exclusive notes of Giulia Chérie, that with this collection celebrates the elegance of pure forms and the prestige of the materials used.

Precious, exclusive, gritty, the bags are collector’s items and are transformed into real objects of desire. Minimal in lines, luxurious in realization, the models with a contemporary allure stand out as a riot of decoration and opulence, for their unique and particular character conferred by the precious accessories and sculptural handles.

The distinctive elements: exotic leathers of the highest quality, soft calfskin, sculptural handles made of brass with a particular processing, which reveals the incredible craftsmanship of the young brand, a sophisticated elegance and a bold combination of colors, from the vibrant shades to the more neutral and classic ones, to interpret the color trends of the season.

The scarves with customized graphics, made with fine silks, as well as the Giulia Chérie jewels are characterized by a reinterpretation of the brand’s distinctive design elements and symbols and embody style, refinement and glamour. The geometric lines and clean elegance of the jewels transform them into impactful accessories. In the mini or macro versions they give light and particularity to every look.

“The future lies in the recovery of traditions, in bringing together elements from different eras and making them dialogue with each other”. In all Giulia Chérie creations, current trendy lines merge together with classic and timeless lines.

The “Giulia Chérie” brand focuses above all on the elegance and exclusivity of its products.

– Giulia Chérie